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Everything is a matter of feelings.

Sitting inside listening to the rain with a cold cup of tea. Being outside in the pouring rain. Cooking soul food for my soulmate. Enjoying every last bite with him. Spending nights with friends trying every beer in the bar. Capturing the moments in between moments. Skateboarding in the biggest and the smallest cities. Playing piano by candlelight. Writing a song that I’ve wanted to hear my whole life. Waking up inspired and energized. Falling asleep contented and excited for tomorrow.

These are things that really matter. Stuff that make me feel alive. I want to know what matters to you, to feed all these senses into taking photos that look like you, represent you and feel alive like you. These are the details that turn a significant moment into a lifelong memory.


March : Barcelona – Spain

April : New York – US

May : England – Manchester

July : Martinique // Nantes – Bretagne – France

August : Manchester // Isle of Skye – Scotland // Nice – Paris – France

September : Annecy- France //  Manchester – UK


Don’t be shy, be yourself, it will be great and please give me as much details as you can, I love it <3

I try to respond to all messages within 24 hours. If you haven’t heard back from me please check your spam folder or contact me directly at