Coralie has an eye for catching rich, emotional and moving moments, with plenty of spontaneity and real emotions. The photo report of our wedding crafted by her is exceptional.
From the day before the wedding until the day after, she knew how to illustrate all these unforgettable moments.
She and her assistant Tom were a close but discreet presence for the three days of the wedding, capturing all the story, from the smallest details, to the crazy, spontaneous group photos.
We will keep a particularly fond memory of our small nature session overlooking the majestic panorama of the Pic St-Loup.
This little escapade in a bubble of nature, light, scents and sweetness will leave us a particularly poetic and timeless memory.

The printed photos are stunning.
The views, the framing, the light, printed on a beautiful and luxurious paper, sent in a precious glass framed box, makes the photos of Coralie real pieces of art that we watch with constant and renewed emotion.


Dear photographer searcher, you are on a tricky journey to find the right person to crystallize the most important day of your life. Look no further! Coralie is a magician. She captured our event with a sharpness and beauty we could never have dreamed of. She spent 2 days with us in the South of France, charming everyone from the first "hello".
There aren't many people you want in that room when you're getting ready, but she turns out to be one of them. She has a positive, calm and discreet presence that is perfect to survive the tension of the "GO" moment. She isn't scared of jumping in the pool and going underwater either! She doesn't ask for much, as she flexes around the event and our wishes. The one time she "forced us" to pose for a shot (literally walking up and down the garden) the shots that came out are stunning and actually the best capture of how we felt towards each other on that day. Receiving the photos, in formats that were super easy, a slide-show with music-that-makes-everyone-cry and an online gallery, was a real plus. I'd say my parents watched the slideshow about 148 times.
I can't recommend Coralie enough, her talent and commitment is worth every penny. Treat her well and you'll get a lifetime of memories back!


We do not remember exactly how we found the contact of Coralie but when we saw her photos we were immediately seduced, bewitched even! The pictures gave off something serene, intimate, authentic, and sincere. Coralie listened attentively to our desires as well as our limits and the most important for us is that we were able to trust each other directly after we met up.

While she was photographing our wedding, we didn't see her much because she was really discrete, grabbing every drop of emotion! When we discovered the photos we realized that she had managed to photograph everyone without anyone noticing. And the photos !! My God, how lucky we are to have such memories. They are absolutely beautiful and give off the atmosphere that day.

We hope to have another opportunity to call Coralie again very soon and we encourage you to contact her, to have wonderful memories and meet a beautiful person at the same time.


Coralie came at home and spent 24 hours with our family to photograph us in our daily life.
She left us a treasure. The pictures will be our forever memory of this summer 2017. Our love, our little babies who are going to grow up too fast, and clearly, our real life.

Her vision is genuine, sincere and natural. She is an artist and a really nice person and her generosity, her sensitivity and her sweetness are present in each of your photos. We would never say thank you enough.


The meeting with Coralie was immediately great.
Nice, attentive, human and friendly, but above all she is as kind as talented. She has a rare and modern eye. She captures the good times, with an innovative artistic look for the wedding photo. The prints on archival Fine Art paper were the cherry on the cake, sublime!

We really had an amazing time with her, and she managed to grab it, capture it. Our friends still ask for Coralie's contact when they discover our finely formatted album. Thanks Coralie!