What is my approach on a wedding day?

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of different style names to qualify different wedding photography approaches and I wanted to explain what is my way of photographing this special day. My approach is probably a mix of different styles from storytelling to documentary but most of all, I love photographing people in love and I tend to do it in the most natural way possible to help you remember the way it felt.

Black and white portrait of the bride and groom cuddling in front of the stained-glass window at the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester.

A typical wedding day:

It’s really important to understand that I only made this post in order to help you visualize the way I photograph a wedding so please keep in mind that EVERY WEDDING IS UNIQUE. I want you to have a wedding that reflects your personalities and your story and I really encourage you to do things differently to make your own wedding a special moment that will mean so much more to you.

Getting Ready

I always photograph the full day from the getting ready until the dancefloor (photographing you dancing with your guests for about an hour). The getting ready is one of my favourite moment because I can see and capture lots of details from the different relationships you have with your family and your friends. I usually don’t direct you at this moment, apart from telling you where the best light is, as I prefer to photograph things as they naturally happen.

Black and white photo of a bridemaid getting ready in her bedroom in Norfolk.

Mariage Religieux Marie Adrien Coralie Monnet 16

Angelique Arthur Coralie Monnet 47

Peak District Wedding CoralieMonnet19

Morgan Hadrien Coralie Monnet 512

Elegant wedding in Morocco Coralie Monnet Photographer 10

Morgan Hadrien Coralie Monnet 589


I feel like it’s also important to capture photos that aren’t the usual wedding photos but which help telling the story and the feelings of the day.

wedding izzie Coralie Monnet 7 2

Manchester Art Gallery Wedding photographer

Morgan Hadrien Coralie Monnet 1048

Adventure couple photographer

Barn Norfolk wedding Cliffbarns Coralie Monnet Photographer 155

Switzerland Wedding Photographer Coralie Monnet 57

Switzerland Wedding Photographer Coralie Monnet 109

Switzerland Wedding Photographer Coralie Monnet 119

Angelique Arthur Coralie Monnet 202

Mariage Kathy Johan Coralie Monnet 59

First Look

You can either choose to have a first look or to keep the surprise to the ceremony, it’s really what you prefer.

Personally I prefer when the couple have a first look so they can enjoy a special moment together before the ceremony and release the stress but you can also have a first look with your parents if you really want to discover each other in the aisle.

Peak District Wedding CoralieMonnet21

Mariage Civil Marie Adrien Coralie Monnet 23

Switzerland Wedding Photographer Coralie Monnet 40

Switzerland Wedding Photographer Coralie Monnet 33

Mariage Religieux Marie Adrien Coralie Monnet 85

DIY outdoor wedding with friends


Civil and bespoke ceremonies are the most emotional ones and are also the one that I love the most to photograph. Like most of the guests, I always cry when I listen to your friends and family talking about why you are so special to them and how much they love you.

Beautiful emotions from the bride at the ceremony in Quarry Bank Mill in Manchester

Close up photo of a groom crying while the bride is smiling at him during their wedding ceremony.

Emotional moment when the mom hugs her son after the ceremony

Manchester Art Gallery wedding

Mariage Anne France Regis Coralie Monnet 707

Confetti scene at the Whitworth Gallery right after the ceremony in Manchester UK.

Couple Photos

During your wedding day I spend around twice 20 minutes taking photos of the two of you in a natural way – usually right after the ceremony and during sunset.

It’s a great moment to step back, reflect and share the emotions your are feeling about your wedding day with your partner. I will direct you to help you feel comfortable but I will never make you do things that aren’t you. These photos are essentially taken to create a great moment together and I’m only here to photograph the memory of it and capture the way you love each other.

Mariage Bela Astrid Coralie Monnet 230

Morgan Hadrien Coralie Monnet 1252

Dark picture of a couple looking at each other with love during their wedding in Manchester.

Morgan Hadrien Coralie Monnet 278

Groups Photos

Just before or during the cocktail I typically I photograph family and group photos. These photos are traditional but still important for some members of your family even if some couples want to keep it really short we usually shoot around 6-8 groups. I always try to get some formal ones and some other more relaxed.

Group photo of a couple and their friends laughing during their wedding in Norfolk.

Angelique Arthur Coralie Monnet 678


The cocktail is for you the time to chill and enjoy some drinks with your guests and it’s the perfect moment for me to photograph them laughing and having a great time.

Manchester Art Gallery wedding

Wedding Andy Nicky Coralie Monnet 224

wedding art galery Manchester Coralie Monnet 4

Documentary wedding photographer based in Manchester


In the evening, I photograph the dinner during the speeches but I won’t photograph you eating so I always eat in the same time than you. Sometimes the couple seat me with the guests, which I love cause it allows me to be fully part of the moment with you and sometimes I eat with the other suppliers when they are part of your wedding day.

DIY outdoor wedding in France

Wedding JoasiaJames CoralieMonnet 829

Morgan Hadrien Coralie Monnet 1346

Morgan Hadrien Coralie Monnet 1399

Angelique Arthur Coralie Monnet 951

Angelique Arthur Coralie Monnet 898

Mariage Bela Astrid Coralie Monnet 410


Last but least, party time! The dancefloor is the best place to get crazy epic party photos and I usually stay 30 minutes after the first dance to get them and do some dance moves with you!

Elegant wedding in Morocco Coralie Monnet Photographer 132

Angelique Arthur Coralie Monnet 992

Angelique Arthur Coralie Monnet 1042

Groom's socks on the dancefloor

The groom playing drums live for his wedding in Manchester

Manchester Art Gallery Wedding Photographer Coralie Monnet 154

My Style

You probably noticed that I love black and white photos! Although I deliver both colour and black and white – depending on the style of the wedding, usually I deliver about 40% of the wedding photos in black and white. I see if each image is better in colour or b&w and edit it according to which look the strongest, some photos will look better in black and white and others in colours and now I kind of instantly know which one will work best.

I love photographing people and it’s really what I focus on on your wedding day, way more than the details even if I photograph them too. If I hear that something is taking place, I will run to photograph a special moment that won’t happen twice. This is the magic, capturing some of the most important memories of a couple spending a day with the people they love the most so they don’t forget how if felt!

The vibe of the wedding day, the personality of the couple, their story… lead me to process the photos a certain way to represent the feeling of the day as much as I can. It also depends in which country your wedding takes place, the weather, the environment – all of this will influence the way your wedding photos look like and they will definitely be unique.

Barn Norfolk wedding Cliffbarns Coralie Monnet Photographer 69

The bride and her grandma hugging cheek to cheek at her botanical wedding in Cheshire.

Wedding JoasiaJames CoralieMonnet 453

Morgan Hadrien Coralie Monnet 1144

Who are the couples I photograph?

-Really laid back couple who are truly in love and want to party with the people they love the most and who are part of their story.

-Prioritize moments over details and don’t like posing in a cheesy way.

-Love art and photography. Most of the time the couples who hire me want to have a creative and modern point of view on their wedding day. They know that I’m a 100% into capturing emotions and connections in between people and trust me to photograph their wedding with my own singular vision and experience. I document your wedding day as I would like my own wedding to be photographed and I put all my energy into capturing timeless memories that my couples will cherish forever.

You recognize yourselves in my approach and my style and want me to photograph your wedding?

If you feel like we would be a perfect match then send me a message through my contact page and let’s talk about your wedding day!

I can’t wait hear more about your story and your plans!