April 30, 2018

Documentary Family Photographer Manchester UK | The Drayton

Coralie is a documentary Family Photographer Manchester Uk with an artistic approach.

I had the pleasure to capture a day in the life session with the Drayton family in Manchester. The beauty in an everyday life routine is in every detail.

When I met Andy and Jane, I immediately felt so welcomed. They are some of the nicest people I know. Very humble, enjoying good food and good music and above all cherishing their son Ernie. A lot of families struggle to have children and Ernie is one of these babies. He has been wanted and fought for so hard by Andy and Jane. Each moment spent with Ernie is a kind of a miracle for them. This is why I’m so glad I could capture all these little moments that mean so much to them.

On the day I went to photograph their everyday life, the weather was amazing. It was sunny, windy, then snowing and then somehow sunny again. Like every Day in the life session, our journey lasted from morning till night ; and I can’t tell you enough how I love these sessions.

I always feel so privileged when I get to capture the intimacy of a family. From these memories, Ernie will remember how his parents were playing with him and how much they love him. He will also remember the way his parents were loving each other and their relationship all together. Jane and Andy told me how much they love how he is interacting with the world, the way he is smiling, eating, talking… These photos will be a keepsake for their entire life and for me this is the best gift I can give to them.

ps : I recommend you watch the video in HD (on the top of the article) before taking a look at the photos!


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The song used in the video is Holocene from Bon Iver one of their favorite musicians.

Documentary Family Photographer Manchester


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