March 28, 2017

Cliff Engagement | Bretagne | Marina + Aymeric


A cliff engagement can be the perfect session for two adventurous people in love

Some places are so close to home that we actually forget about seeing the beauty of it. This day in December was cold and dreary, and Marina and Aymeric asked me where to go for their engagement session. I tried to think of a place that has a picturesque, yet wild feeling to it ; a place that would highlight the beautiful connection between these two lovers.

“She is standing on my lids and her hair is in my hair, she has the colour of my eye, she has the body of my hand, in my shade she is engulfed as a stone against the sky. She will never close her eyes and she does not let me sleep. And her dreams in the bright day make the suns evaporate and me laugh cry and laugh, speak when I have nothing to say” – Paul Eluard


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